You Are The Most Important Part Of Our Business

Our goal is to make you, our customer, happy. Family owned and operated, we do things a little differently than the other guys. We start by believing that your furniture is truly an investment. You may choose to purchase a complete set, or collect a few pieces at a  time.

To produce furniture that is better than anyone else's, we only make bedroom & living room furniture. It's amazing what highly experienced, skilled, and motivated craftsmen can do, when they only make a few products. They are experts because it’s all they make.

Your furniture will be "bench made", which means an individual craftsman works on each piece. With his signature on every piece he makes, he takes pride in creating something extraordinary.

When done properly, we believe American made furniture is the best in the world! Our commitment to quality means that your furniture will always be MADE IN AMERICA!

Your furniture will be crafted from the best Oak money can buy: Northern Red Oak. This excellent hardwood brings to your furniture distinctive, tight grain patterns with beautiful, consistent color.

The combination of quality materials and superior construction methods come together to create an heirloom piece that will last for generations. But don't take our word for it, visit your local retailer and discover for yourself. Once you do, we’re sure you'll want to become part of the growing Furniture Traditions' family of satisfied customers.

The Kirkeby & Ardis families

The founders demonstrate Furniture Traditions' solid consturction and craftmanship by standing on the drawers.